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Your career in International Hospitality starts on day one when you become a student at Mediterranean Bali.  Immerse yourself in a fun and stimulating learning environment and graduate with a first class practical education that prepares you for the career of a life time.
Since the first student graduation in 2008 Mediterranean Bali Alumni have achieved successful careers with the world’s leading cruise lines and major international hotel brands. Here are just a few more reasons why Mediterranean Bali should be your first choice for study:

  1. Awarded “The most Improve national Hospitality and Cruise Ship Training Institution of The Year” in Indonesian Business Professional &Education Award 2016 in Jakarta.
  2. Awarded “Institution of Highly Recommended in Hotel and Cruise Line Training Centre of The Year 2015” by the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs.
  3. Awarded “The best College in Bali” in Bali Best Brand Award 2015
  4. Awarded “The best College in Bali” in Bali Best Brand Award 2016
  5. Awarded “Vocational training institutes achievement in the field of training and productivity of the period 2011 – 2013” by the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration.
  6. The first hospitality campuses in Indonesia, published in the magazine “cruise Industry News Magazine”, based in New York, USA.
  7. Mediterranean Bali has obtained accreditation from the accreditation committee of the province of Bali and the national accrediting agency center Jakarta.
  8. Mediterranean Bali has a network of more than 100 star hotels for job training placement, both locally and abroad.
  9. Mediterranean Bali has built relationships with hospitality association in Bali and become a member of them, they are Hotel Front Liners Association (HFLA) Bali, Indonesian Chef Association (ICA) Bali, Indonesia Sommelier Association (ISA) Bali Chapter, Indonesian Housekeeper Association) (IHKA) Bali, Asosiasi Bartender Indonesia (ABI) Bali, and Indonesian Food and Beverage Executive Association (IFBEC) Bali.
  10. Competitive and affordable tuition fees (payment in installments may be possible subject to approval by the campus Director)
  11. Personal accident insurance protection provided for all students.
  12. Mediterranean Bali collaborates with the Provincial Government of Bangli, to assist students with small financial loans to complete their training at the Mediterranean Bali campus in Bangli.
  13. Alumni are provided with additional administrative services, such as creation of employment applications, Curriculum Vitae, and cruise ship test guidance at no additional cost.
  14. The newest: Mediterranean Bali has “Discipline Reward/DR Program” for those who are always be discipline and have excellent attitude.


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  Jalan Mohamad Yamin No.9 Renon    
    Jl. Merdeka No. 102 C                Jl. A Yani No. 48 Subagan           Jl. Pulau Komodo, Banyuning
  Denpasar ,  Bali                                  Bangli,  Bali                             Karangasem  Bali                       Singaraja Bali
  Phone : +62 361 255457 / 244 412        Phone : + 62 366 91202            Phone : +62 363 21654               Phone : + 62362 31999
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