Mediterranean Bali is one of the most trusted and respected Hospitality & Cruise Line training institutions in the Indonesian Archipelago.  Located in Bali and managed and operated by a team with over 35 years of hospitality and cruise ship service experience, Mediterranean Bali employs qualified teaching staff and academic practitioners along with a dynamic professional administration team to ensure past, present and future students are well supported to achieve success at a young age.


Mediterranean Bali is also supported by and collaborates with CTI Group Worldwide Services Inc. CTI Group is a world renowned reputable recruitment agent committed to finding the highest quality candidates for Cruise Line operators. Thanks to the dedicated CTI team in Bali and their collaboration with Mediterranean Bali the school’s alumni are the first choice in the recruitment process for Carnival Cruise Line and Windstar Cruises. Thus Mediterranean Bali students are given access to the best employment opportunities after their studies are completed.

With four campuses situated in Denpasar, Bangli (central Bali) and Karangasem (east Bali) and the fourth in Singaraja (north Bali) Mediterranean Bali has continuously expanded its operations since 2008. Each campus is designed to reflect the operations of the hospitality and cruise industry with full function practice kitchens, mock-up hotel rooms, restaurants and bar and modern classrooms

Program Study

One Year Hotel & Cruise Line Program (certificate 3)

  1. Certificate 3 Housekeeping
  2. Certificate 3 Food Production
  3. Certificate 3 Food and Beverage Service
  4. Certificate 3 Bartending

Two Year Hotel & Cruise Line Program (Certificate 4)

  1. Certificate 4 Hotel Accommodations
  2. Certificate 4 Food & Beverage Service
  3. Certificate 4 Food Production

   Kampus Pusat Denpasar                       Kampus Bangli                               Kampus Karangasem                        Kampus Singaraja
  Jalan Mohamad Yamin No.9 Renon    
    Jl. Merdeka No. 102 C                Jl. A Yani No. 48 Subagan           Jl. Pulau Komodo, Banyuning
  Denpasar ,  Bali                                  Bangli,  Bali                             Karangasem  Bali                       Singaraja Bali
  Phone : +62 361 255457 / 244 412        Phone : + 62 366 91202            Phone : +62 363 21654               Phone : + 62362 31999
  Fax : +62 361 244 412                        Fax : + 62 366 91203                Fax : +62 363 21654                  Fax : + 62362 31900
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